About Us

Globally recognized as a vertically owned, manufacturing group in 20 countries, Capco Wai Shing offers innovative product design and development, with experienced sales service and customer support backed by our world class logistics and supply service. We provide trusted, reliable and cost-competitive manufacturing worldwide. Capco Wai Shing is the smart choice for your hanger and packaging needs.

Competitive Advantage

Capco Wai Shing reinvests resources and training into its own factories and our licensee partners to guarantee the best and most sustainable processes, raw materials and equipment are being used to make your products. We believe that sharing efficiencies and building a network of collaboration among our global teams is essential for Capco Wai Shing to remain a hanger production leader on a global scale. Capco Wai Shing provide value pricing and promote a partnership with our Retail customers which we believe is unmatched in the industry.